1. Introduction

The nature of the Hotel and variety of activities undertaken make social distancing necessary to be considered by staff and guests alike.

This is to ensure that staff members and guests feel comfortable in their surrounds and that all possible risks are reduced to a minimum.

Social distancing rules will be adhered to throughout the hotel with appropriate signage. Hotel operating procedures have been adapted to ensure compliance. There will be a one-way system operating to minimise close contact with staff and other guests.

Hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes will be readily available throughout the hotel.

Face masks will be worn by all staff and are available for hotel guests.

All staff have received training on all Covid policies.

2. We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment. The team are aware and trained on it.

All staff and guests must stay at home if they are suffering any symptoms or have been advised to do so by a contact tracer.  All staff and guests must self-certify on arrival and daily thereafter that they are not suffering from any symptoms and submit to a non-contact temperature test if requested.  This information will be retained for up to 30 days on paper and then destroyed.  If someone who has been at Park House Hotel & Spa becomes Covid positive we may be required by law to pass personal information to a contact tracer. We will contact any members of staff and guests alike to ensure that they are aware.

3. Cleaning, hand-washing and hygiene procedures.

Hand Sanitiser will be provided at all entrances and should be freely used by both guests and staff.

Housekeeping, kitchen and restaurant staff will be provided with face masks and disposable gloves. These are to be worn at all times.

Housekeeping team will monitor all public areas and sanitise door handles, handrails and surfaces which have a high use. High traffic public areas will be cleaned hourly.

Cleaning of bedrooms after check out will be even more rigorous than usual. With a focus on the cleanliness of high-touch items such as chairs, desks, handles, switches and remotes.

Bedrooms will not be entered or accessed during your stay by hotel staff unless requested. Non-essential bedroom items such as magazines and guest information booklets will be removed. Additional towels and toiletries will be available on request.

Our suppliers have all been contacted to ascertain their compliance to our high standards of operating.

4. Maintain 2m social distancing, where possible.
Public Areas

Where possible, when using corridors, stairways, lobby, indoor bar, seating areas and reception, a 2m distance should be maintained. A one way system has been put in place around the main Hotel and Southdowns Cottage to assist with this flow.

Signs will be placed to remind workers and visitors of social distancing guidance.

There are therefore alternative methods of control in place which have been kept as simple as possible.  For everybody’s safety, anybody not following these procedures may be asked to leave the property.

Dining Room and Bar

Our Restaurant and bar will follow social distancing guidelines and our outdoor spaces will be used when appropriate. We will operate table service only.

Our restaurant will have a booking-only policy to ensure that we can stagger guests arriving and departing, including breakfast.

Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor sport is already operating by pre-booking in 1 hr slots with hygiene stations between the courts, at the 1st tee and in the outside changing room.  Players must provide their own tennis and golf equipment. Hand and equipment sanitisation stations are provided for all outdoor facilities use and must be utilised before and after using each.

Grounds staff can self-distance from guests and colleagues relatively simply and will continue to be vigilant.

The outdoor pool and relaxation area can be booked in the same way as other sports, and swimmers should arrive in their costumes.  The sun-loungers and tables may be used and must be kept 2m apart from each other.  If the relaxation area becomes busy, guests who booked early times will be asked to make space for those with later bookings.  Staff and guests will be required to wipe down seats and tables before and after use.

The Spa

The Spa will remain closed until further notice.

5. Where people cannot be 2m apart, manage transmission risk
Check In / Out

Check in times will be staggered and pre check-in information requested to speed up arrival. The hotel will only accept credit and debit cards (no cash transactions) and receipts will be emailed to enable paperless checkout. Luggage will be handled by our staff only on request.


Guests must provide and wear a face mask at all times except in their rooms and whilst dining.  Dining Al-fresco is preferred where distancing is easier to maintain. Indoor dining may be spread across the hotel as required to maintain spacing between tables. Disposable menus will be used.


All staff will be provided with face masks and disposable gloves.

The food and beverage team and kitchen staff have high levels of interaction within the departments at close proximity and with guests. So, face masks, disposable gloves and disposable aprons are to be worn at all times. Hygiene will be maintained at the highest level.

Reception staff will be mostly isolated in reception, no other staff will enter reception. All keys will be sanitised when being received or given out.  If leaving reception, face masks and disposable gloves are to be worn. Registration forms and invoices should be sent to guests’ email as a pdf and not printed.  Payment by contactless, saved card details or customer not present.  No cash will be handled.

6. Working from home

Where possible any administrative staff will continue to work from home.