Wellness Therapy – Rose & Harmony Facial

£70 | 75 mins

Rose & Harmony Facial
For soothing stressed and sensitive skin, using pure rosehip oil and Royal Jelly.

Oncology treatments and strong medication often cause the skin to present unwanted conditions such as extreme dryness, irritation, radiodermatitis (caused by radiotherapy), hyperpigmentation, sensitivity and sallow colour.

Designed to help restore and soothe the mind, body and soul; our Germaine de Cappucini Wellness Therapies use specific Light Touch Massage, making them suitable for cancer patients, both during and post treatment, those on intensive medication or anyone in need of a completely soothing and de-stressing experience. Carefully selected products target the skin-related side effects caused by chemotherapy, radiation treatment and other strong medication.

Additionally, we use Cold White Onyx ritual stones on the face to help relieve headaches, nausea and sensitive or irritated skin.