Spa re-opens 1st August

The news you have all been eagerly waiting to hear!

The Spa and treatment rooms will be re-opening from Saturday 1st August.

Wellbeing has never been so important, so after the stresses you have had to endure during lockdown, returning to our spa will feel like the ultimate escape.

Looking after yourself and ensuring you are healthy is the number one priority, as this will ensure you have a strong immune system.  So, improve your sleep and reduce stress with a massage, exercise your body in the gym or the pool and give yourself some relaxation time.  A chance to forget about the outside world and all those weeks of uncertainty, even just for a moment.  This can only be a positive thing for your mental and physical wellbeing.

Numbers in the spa will be limited, so you will have an even larger slice of luxury to yourself. And, with 2-hour booking slots, plenty of time to enjoy it.

To ensure that feeling of luxury is also coupled with you feeling safe and secure, we are obviously taking a number of measures, such as revising the treatment menu.  All staff will complete training on the new operating procedures and be appropriately attired.

Spa days and Guest passes for non-residents will be bookable from 1st September, at the very earliest and this date is subject to change.

The spa reception will be open for bookings from 25th July, all booking slots will be released 14 days in advance.  For further information please call our spa team on 01730 819020 or email 

To browse the updated treatment menu click here 

For full details on the new measures, please see our Covid Statement