Rest & Revive yourself…

Welcome to 2019! 10 Tips to detox this January…

December is the season of drinking, eating and partying. But now that January has come, it’s time to get back on track and pay attention to your health. Your body automatically starts craving lighter, healthier food even in cold weather. The rich and heavy foods that you ate during the festive season leave you feeling fatigued and you start craving more energy boosting foods. Whether you are making a conscious effort to detox, or your body is naturally craving some respite, here are some tips for a healthy January.

1. Drink 2 more glasses of water everyday
Staying well-hydrated is one of the best ways to naturally detox your body. Try adding two extra big glasses into your day to help flush out toxins and keep you energised after the wear and tear of the holidays. Add some lemon slices to your water for an extra detox boost to aid digestion.

2. Go to bed 1 hour earlier
Most likely December was full of long days running last-minute errands and partying until the early hours. After all that rushing around, our bodies need some serious rest! Help bring your body back to balance by going to bed 1 hour earlier this month. Your body (especially your liver!) does most of its self-cleansing while you’re snoozing and sleep disturbance has a correlation with weight problems. If you over-imbibed this holiday season, extra sleep is exactly what the doctor ordered.

3. Add a rainbow of colours to every meal
When you eat vegetables and fruits with a rainbow of colours, you are getting a whole array of antioxidants and phytonutrients that all have specific jobs to keep the body healthy, skin vibrant and eyes strong. Leafy greens are full of iron, vitamin C and magnesium, as well as being low in fat and calories; making them the ideal detox food. There are numerous ways to incorporate these cancer-fighting powerhouse veggies into your day. Other top detoxing foods include beetroot, lemon, artichoke, turmeric and apple.

4. Cut down the coffee breaks
If you’re drinking more than 2 cups a day, now’s a good time to cut back. Caffeine can be an addictive substance, and when consumed in large amounts can cause problems such as calcium loss, anxiety, insomnia and rapid heart rate. Exchange with a decaffeinated herbal tea, or hot water with lemon which fills you up and means you’re less likely to have food cravings.

5. Sweat out the toxins
Get your body moving, your blood pumping and break a sweat with some good old-fashioned exercise. Make sure you drink plenty of water to help your body effectively flush out unwanted toxins. Head for the hills and enjoy the beautiful South Down National Park, an Area of Outstanding Beauty which Park House adjoins. Alternatively enjoy an energising walk around the glorious 10 acres of grounds, or play a round of golf on our 18 tee 6 hole par 3 golf course.

A Park House spa day pass is just £25 for 5 hours for full use of the facilities or try one of the Spa Experiences including a variety of food, beverages and treatments.

6. Get a massage
Aside from feeling amazing, a massage can stimulate your circulation, relieve muscle tension, and speed up the removal of metabolic waste from your body. The feel-good endorphins that are released during a massage act as a booster for your overall sense of well-being.

Don’t forget to feed your face! Partied-out skin needs some serious TLC, so why not treat your face to a fast, brightening and plumping facial?

Our January Treatment of the Month is the Voya Ocean Essence Detox Wrap or try one of our rejuvenating and hydrating spa treatments from our menu.

7. Make the whole foods switch
Swap processed cakes and crackers for ripe, juicy fruits and crunchy veggies. You’ll be rewarded with higher energy levels, clearer skin, and you’ll be lighter on the scales!

8. Breathe deeply
Oxygen is one of the most important fuel sources for our bodies. Taking in more oxygen by practicing deep breathing techniques can help alleviate anxiety and depression and provide you with sharper mental clarity. Deep breathing lies at the heart of the practice of both yoga and meditation – incorporate some of each this January to jump-start your journey to a healthier you! Enjoy the tranquility of Park House’s Relaxation Room after your workout or treatments.

9. Mindset
Spend your time with like-minded people, avoiding those who will sabotage your goals. This is an important feature of being at a spa, making achieving weight-loss goals and healthy detox easier.

10. January Rest & Revive offer at Park House
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