Exclusive Yoga Retreat with Cara

Wednesday 17 April from 10.45am

£32.00 for Spa Members
£40.00 for Non Spa Members

Your retreat includes a 90-minute exclusive yoga session with Cara. Yoga will be followed by a health and wellness inspired lunch in our dining room (while predominantly plant-based the meal will also include ethically sourced fish and meat options).

By the end of the session you will have:

  • built awareness for transformation through guided meditation
  • improved your relationship with yourself and others
  • discovered feelings of peacefulness and calm
    Your exclusive yoga session will include:

  • Hands-on adjustments to help you go deeper into the pose and learn safe alignment
  • Deep conscious breath work including pranayama techniques to strengthen the respiratory system and balance the nervous system, helping to relieve nervousness and headaches
    The practice will help to:

  • improve flexibility, posture, bone health and elasticity of the spine
  • ease the pain of any ailments or injuries
  • build muscle strength
  • prevent cartilage and joint breakdown
  • increase blood flow, boost heart rate and immunity, also alleviating depression
  • lower your resting heart rate and blood sugar, increase endurance, regulate blood pressure and adrenal glands
  • improve focus, concentration, balance, memory, digestion, self-esteem, relaxation and sleep!

    To book our Yoga retreat with Cara, please call our spa team on 01730 819000 or email. Book by Wednesday 10 April.